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Falcon Technologies Pvt Ltd is a leading electronics and communications technology solution that provides turnkey solutions for government infrastructure projects. We are a leader in the field of communication technology systems integration. We aim to lead with innovative technology, and hi-tech systems integration, and provide cost-effective solutions along with a structured after-sales support system. We specialize in Pan-India, Multi-location, and Multi-vendor complex integration projects.

Falcon Technologies Pvt Ltd is a sister company under The Eagle Group. The Eagle Group derives its financial strengths from its real estate, hospitality, and entertainment ventures and its dynamism from its trading businesses. The debt-free group employs over 650 staff and is continuously identifying new opportunities for growth, to partner with large global conglomerates for strategically positioning them and their products in India. Today, the Group has interests in a diverse portfolio of businesses backed by resources and infrastructure to reach all corners of the country.


Why Us

World-class systems-driven company for project delivery in-budget & on time, every-time.

Dedicated Managing Directors Office (MDO) team that runs complete operations on auto-pilot.

All department tasks are monitored and measured weekly on time, cost, quality, and quantity through intelligent and real-time MIS systems.

Skill upgrade and induction training takes 1-3 weeks compared to 3-6 months in other organizations.

A dedicated team of Sales Warriors (Key account Managers)

TAT (turn-around time) based technical support.

What We Do

We provide turnkey services
which include:

  • Pre-Sales, marketing, and lead generation
  • Bidding for projects including tender filling & sales follow-ups
  • Facility and system design
  • Budgeting of local costs
  • Installation & integration services (multi location and multi vendor)
  • Testing and commissioning by OEM trained engineers
  • OEM Authorized after sales support
  • On-site training and O&M services
  • Spare parts supply
  • Country-wide deployment of teams

Our core strengths include a structured after-sales support system which covers:

  • Authorized warranty, post-warranty support
  • 24X7 on-call support & troubleshooting
  • In house spare parts inventory for quick TAT’s
  • Video-based Training
  • A ticket-based tracking system with TATs
  • Service Level Agreements on behalf of OEMs

Currently supporting mission critical installations in

Mission & Vision


To be  #1 Partner of Choice for our customers and vendor partners alike, by recruiting an A CLASS team to provide A Class products and services in Transport Engineering and Telecommunications.


Improving the quality of lives of our customers, vendors, employees, and shareholders, through our core values.

Departments we deliver our solutions to Government and Private Sectors in India



Railways & Metro

Infrastructure Work

Airport Solutions

Solutions We Offer

  • FM Transmitter-50Watt to 20kW
  • Medium Wave Transmitters
  • Short Wave Transmitters
  • More than 250 stations/ sites have been successfully integrated into PAN India.

Analog/Digital Studio-to-Transmitter Link

STL is a fully-integrated, modular, Analog/digital RF STL system. It provides audio, voice, and data connectivity to remote transmitter sites over narrow-bandwidth channel allocations. Its open architecture allows configurations for simplex, full-duplex, multi-hop repeater, or automatic hot/cold redundant links.

The Audio Processor is a very important piece of equipment, as it is usually the last one you use before your audio is transmitted. It improves and optimizes the sound quality of your Radio, thus giving it a unique sound with its own character.

A mixing console is an essential purchase on the road to building a Radio Studio.
The Audio Mixer Console is often called the mixing desk or broadcasting desk.
The audio console is the heart of the studio: it’s used to control anything that the listeners hear on air. There is an input for every channel.

IP audio codecs are used to send broadcast-quality audio over IP from remote broadcast locations to radio and television studios around the globe. IP codecs are ideal for use in remote broadcasts, as studio/transmitter links (STLs), or for studio-to-studio audio distribution.

The modulation monitor has a reputation as an obscure component in the RF chain, and there is a truth behind the statement. For decades, engineers generally installed the box and left it alone, revisiting it for an occasional cursory glance at the front panel, along with the odd troubleshooting need around signal performance. However, the rise and proliferation of digital media and technology in the air chain have breathed new life into how the modulation monitor can bring value to RF performance.

Radio Frequency cables are significant components of every RF system ranging from RF transceiver systems to the aviation industry. RF test cables are used to make efficient signal (power) transfer between two equipment, or devices or to a transmitting antenna. Choosing a proper cable is an important step to make sure the system works efficiently. There are many types of RF cables for specific uses; it mainly varies in its specifications.

We are one of the most preferred contractors for the Installation, configuration and commissioning of Low Voltage systems in this region. We are pre-qualified by most leading MEP contractor and Clients operating in this market. We have a dedicated in-house team of Engineers, Project Managers and execution staffs equipped for the seamless completion of any complex ELV projects within the speculated timeline. Our extensive portfolio for ELV Systems include:

  • EPBAX Systems
  • Public Address System
  • Passenger Information Display System
  • Access Control Systems
  • IP CCTV Systems
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • SCADA Systems
  • Structure Cabling
  • Illumination Systems

An automation software essentially allows radio broadcasters to upload and store their pre-recorded content (music, interviews, shows, jingles, ads…) on a computer hard disk, or cloud-based solution. This content can then be broadcast directly from that computer.

  • Scope: Design, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning for Automation Systems for 79 locations from Central Location PAN
  • Duration: 24 Months
  • Project Budget: 3 Million USD
  • Special Remarks: This Project has been finished in the era of complete lockdown due to the COVID-19 Crisis within the stipulated period.
  • Scope: Design, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning for Network Management Systems for 100 locations from Central Location HQ.
  • Duration: 12 Months
  • Project Budget: 1 Million USD
  • Special Remarks: This Project has been successfully initiated and is expected to finish in the given timeline. This shall be India’s first project which will control and monitor the complete site ( 100 nos.) to work as an unmanned site.

The earth mats or grounding mats bring the connection to the earth indoors. They usually connect through a conductor inserted within the ground port of an electrical outlet. They help in limiting the ground potential & protect against the faulty current. They are used in a place where the large fault current is to be experienced.

We deal in the following earthing works:

  • Pipe earthing
  • Plate earthing
  • Solid Rod earthing

We have a metal fabrication manufacturing plant in Delhi, catering to the commercial sectors. Our ability to understand and fulfill the business needs of our customers is continuously establishing us as the market leader across more than 100 countries worldwide.




Laser Cutting

CNC Router

Beam Saw

Hot Press

Painting Booth

Dry Chamber

Hot Press

-We also deliver consultancy services for approval for various organizations for Frequency Allocations,  RDSO- Research Designs & Standard Organization, an institution of Indian Railways for various products and technology performs the following important functions: Development of new and improved designs.

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